Happiness for Beginners

Just finished Katherine Center's Happiness for Beginners. I'm not a fan of personal reviews that give away the entire plot and possible spoilers so I'll try to keep this brief.

What I loved: The detail of the wilderness survival course - this is something I would/could never do as I break out into hives if I'm not near an electrical outlet for my hair dryer, so the descriptions of the terrain, activities, people helped me live vicariously though the characters.

What I didn't like: Only the character's first name. Not to offend anyone named Helen out there, it seemed like an odd choice for a 32 year old character at first, but then the author wove it into the story with some nice comedic elements.

What I'm taking away from the book: I'm going to try and find 3 good things, each and every day.

Overall Rating: B+

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