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So.... Why Fluff, Smut and Murder?

Easy - those are my favorite book genres.

Look, I went to a competitive high school back in the day and had to read a ton of "classics" for grades. I can think of about 5 books during that four year period that I actually enjoyed. College? The only non textbook reading I did for school was for my Shakespeare class and his stuff is the exception. Life is too short to read a book you don't like so I focus on what I love.

Fluff - Typical "chick lit", bestsellers, summer beach reads. No Harlequin romances need apply and its GOT to be based in at least the last half of the last century.

Smut - My personal definition of smut is best defined as the epic British novel (think Jackie Collins, Rebecca Chance, J.J. Salem) with lots of glamour, opulent wealth, exotic places and juciy sex, but nothing with a hard core fetish please. Yeah, yeah yeah 50 Shades of Grey is a great romance but to me its verbal porn and not something I enjoy reading.

Murder - I LOVE murder series books with returning characters that I get to know and love. If you can throw in some sort of recipe at the end of the chapter or book, bonus points! I'm also partial to a good suspense book - Gone Girl, The Good Girl, Reconstructing Amelia, etc.

That being said, I do sometimes veer off the course and read some quirky books. Travel or cooking memoirs are yummy and I so have a soft spot for some Christian authors. Yes, I am a white girl from the suburbs who adores Beverly Jenkin's entire Blessings series about a fictional African-American town in Kansas. I also love J. Lynne Hinton's Cake series and Jane Myers Perrine's Butternut Creek books as well.


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