for what I don't like

I'm picky. If I don't like a book within the first chapter or page, there's a strong chance I'm going to stop reading it. Since I get most of my books from my local library, I don't feel guilty about wasting the $.25 on a book hold but if I purchased it (preferably used) I'm going to see it through. Hence, I usually save my book purchases for the authors I love..

What I can't stand.....

- Paranormal

I liked Sookie, Erc & Bill but Bella, Edward and Jacob? Not so much..

-Science Fiction

I have a hard enough time getting through life on this Earth, much less wrapping my head around aliens, time travel, physics...

- Historical Fiction

Ugh. Please from the 1950's (in some cases the 30's) and later only please. Lord and Lady this takes me back to all of the classics I had to read in high school - UGH

- The "Classics"

With a few exceptions (The Canterbury Tales, Alice in Wonderland and other books since turned into Disney movies, and almost anything Shakespeare) but for the most part, I'll leave these books back in high school with my uniform.

- "Serious" Books

I like Fluff. I do not want to read a "Serious" book that may make me a better person by enlightening my view on the world but will depress the living hell out of me while I'm reading it. This means you, The Kite Runner and The Life of Pi, and others like that (think Oprah's Reading Club). I read for enjoyment and I usually do not enjoy books like that. The one exception I can think of off the top of my head? The Red Tent.

- Young Adult Novels

Frankly, I'm jealous that this genre has developed in the past 10 or so years. When I was about 14 or 15, I was limited in my book choices for pleasure reading. It was either re-reading my Beverly Cleary and Wylie Folk St. John books over and over or making the leap into my mother's epic novels. Yep, my love for Jackie Collins started young, but that was the '80s. So now, I don't want to read a book that's based in high school. I'd much prefer the characters to at LEAST be graduating from college. But I would like to clarify that I love when adult characters go back to high school a la Jen Lancaster's Here I Go Again. Of course, Jen Lancaster could have her Thundercats walk across the keyboard and publish it and I would love it.

Let me apologize if I've offended you by not liking your favorite type of book/genre. You do realize you're on Fluff, Smut & Murder and NOT Oprah's Book Club blog, right?


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