Inside the O'Briens

Let me first start off by saying this is neither Fluff, nor Smut, nor Murder, but even I break the mold from time to time and read a "serious" book. This one was amazing.

Huntington's Disease is horrible and my heart goes out to every person and family affected by this horrible disease which robs a person of control - control over their body and their mind.

This book explains this disease so that those who are not aware of it now understand how this disease works, how it effects the body and how it can turn life completely upside down. The primary characters (Joe and Katie) are so well developed by the author that their journey becomes your own and I found myself feeling every emotion they were going through.

Lisa Genova has dealth with difficult subject matter before (Still Alice for one) and writes each character from the heart while presenting each side of the genetic testing debate. In this story, there is the added aspect of the Catholic religion peppering the debate which adds a richness to the family's dilema.

What I loved: Again - the main characters were brilliantly created. I would have loved a chapter in Rosie's mind along with their other children - JJ, Meghan, and Patrick.

What I didn't love: The Boston Red Sox baseball team is a strong secondary theme within the story - as a lifelong Angels fan I would have still really enjoyed the novel without that aspect but I do see how it tied in with the tale.

What I learned: Huntington's is a horrible disease that affects over 37,000 people and families here in the United States alone and there is no cure.

Overall rating: A+

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