If You're Not The One

I received a digital copy of If You're Not The One prior to its publication courtesy of NetGallery.com in exchange for my honest review.

I was so initially intrigued by the summary of this book and could not wait to read it. As I struggled to make it through the choppy moves from one past love to the next, I thought the book was going to eventually circle back to the beginning and become the standard happily ever after romantic book (See, I'm trying really hard not to give any plot twists or spoilers away here!) but there is a major plot twist that I sure didn't see coming and it threw me for a loop.

It was such a big loop that I ended up not really liking the book.

What I loved: Who hasn't played "what if" with your past? I like the fact that Jennifer has a chance to see how life would have played out if she would have stayed on that particular romantic path with no other side paths (like, what if I ran off with him before going to Uni but took classes later on...) so she could see what the honest outcome could be.

What I didn't love: As I was reading the novel, I realized that the only sense of Jennifer's character was that while she was exploring the past. In her reality - she comes across a little needy and not very happy which made me feel that she wasn't very likable as a heroine/main character.

What I learned: I initially thought your path in life was just that - a path that maybe veered to the left, right, up or down but you really couldn't just stop, step off it and go to a completely different path a few paths over. Maybe that's what making a major life change truly entails.

Overall Grade: C+

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