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British smut at its finest! This is reminiscent of Jackie Collins’ 80’s mega novels. I absolutely adore fanciful tales of the mega-wealthy, and mega-talented jet setting around the world like the rest of us go to the corner market. In the afterword of the digital edition, the author wants to know what characters you liked best. I’m “Team Kelly” all the way! While a secondary character with a pivotal role within one of the many subplots, Kelly stays true to herself. She owns who she is, what she does, and what she likes.

What I loved: The glitz, the glamour – Addicted is an 80’s novel set in today’s world minus the shoulder pads. I also loved the minor character of Betsy – what a spunky old lady! I would love to be like that when I reach my golden years.

What I didn’t love: A lot of the sex scenes in this novel bordered on the 50 Shades porn variety which is not my cup of tea. I’m all for “throbbing members” but some of the fetish scenes were in par with an old episode of HBO’s “Real Sex” documentary.

What I learned: Don’t keep your enemies closer – you’re better off when they’re far, far away.

Overall Grade: A-


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