Wedding Duress

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The 10th installment in the delightful Southern Sewing Circle series is a cute, quick read. Pressed to solve yet another murder just days before her wedding, Tori Sinclair quickly works through the mystery and solves the crime while still walking down the aisle in style.

What I loved: Sweet Briar, SC is just the type of southern town I would love to move to. It was nice to revisit all of the secondary characters again, but their role in this novel seemed a little diminished as the plot focused more on Tory’s fianceé Milo, instead of sewing.

What I didn’t love: The typical post crime wrap up (motive & reason, punishment and aftermath) was really lacking in order to get the description of the wedding ceremony into the story while keeping the novel at the standard under 300 pages. I‘m still confused as to how this crime came together and why the people did what they did.

What I Learned: Friends are friends because of who the age they are on the inside, not how old the actually are.

Overall Grade: B

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