A Window Opens

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from NetGallery.com in exchange for my honest review.

While initially similar to I Don’t Know How She Does It, A Window Opens is a fresh take on the mom having it all. Elisabeth Egan’s characters are real and over the course of a year we’re invited to see how a family dynamic changes while experiencing life and trying to do it all. As someone who teeters between both the paper and electronic worlds to relish my reading obsession, I laughed through Alice’s adventures at her new job at Scroll. No fluff, no smut, no murder but still a good book.

What I loved: There wasn’t one particular thing I loved more over the rest in this novel – the entire story was just that good. Every character was developed and I could easily picture them in my mind as I was reading; for me that is the sign of a good book.

What I didn’t love: I don’t like to cry while reading - that’s why you’ll never see me read a book about an animal. I will say that Ms. Egan painted an accurate and honest sub-story and because it was written so well and was maybe a little too close to home, it touched me.

What I learned: Whatever your family is, it is the backbone of life.

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