If We Lived Here

I loved Lindsey J. Palmer’s first novel, Pretty in Ink and was expecting If We Lived Here to be a light, fluffy rom-com filled with cute stories of a couple’s first attempt at cohabitation before marriage.


IWLH is a deeper story where two characters, Nick and Emma, examine their relationship completely while trying to find an apartment in New York City. There is very minimal fluff and no cute stories, although there is an obligatory trip to IKEA where the couple cannot agree on Swedish goods. Since I started reading the novel with the idea that the story was going to be a certain way based on the back cover summary, I was extremely disappointed in the plot.

What I loved: Emma’s best friend and family and their stereotypical New York “Jew-ness”. Is that even a word? Seriously, the reading voices in my head were excited when there were scenes featuring the best friend, Annie, and the sister-in-law, Alysse. I think I would have preferred to read an entire book about Annie.

What I didn’t love: Nick and Emma. Neither character seemed very likable and very immature. Maybe its because I was in a completely different place when I was their age (30) but both characters did not seem ready to make any commitment, much less to a 1 year lease.

What I learned: Manhattan real estate is beyond me…

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