The Wedding Circle

The third book in the Cherry Cola Book Club Series,

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, was just that – a third book in a series. Unlike the first two books set in fictional Cherrico, Mississippi, there was no major drama or conflict and it reads like a flat short story with a happy ending. Yes, there is a wedding (couldn’t you tell by the title?) but nothing happens that makes the reader say “Yes! I cannot wait for the next installment!” When I re-read the back cover summary after finishing the book this afternoon, I wondered if I purchased an abridged version of this novel. It said, “To get the wedding and the library of her dreams, Maura Beth will have to harness the indomitable spirit of her favorite Southern heroines and the sage advice of the Cherry Cola Book Club.” There was no spirit, only one Southern writer was mentioned and that was in a brief passing, and there was no wedding drama.

What I loved: Not much, but there are some great recipes for chicken salad and a crème de menthe cake.

What I didn’t love: What was the point of the plot line involving The Twinkle delivery boy and Harlan? Actually – what was the point of anything in the novel having to do with Harlan? Perhaps Ashton Lee plans on expanding this in future books, but it seemed so out of place and pointless in this story.

What I learned: You can get tipsy off crème de menthe cake since the liquor is in the frosting, not the sponge.

Overall Grade: B-

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