Her Sister's Shoes

Publication Date 6/24/15

I received an ARC digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Her Sister’s Shoes is a wonderfully written tale about a trio of sisters each going through a horrible experience one summer. While it was a little predictable in some places, it was still a great tale about a family in Prospect, SC and how family does help during tough and unpredictable times. Each sister was a well developed character who had flaws and yet still loved for their mistakes and imperfections. The ending was strong, but I sense another story featuring these characters in the future.

Its set in the South – one of my favorite places to read about. Each character in this book was real, beautiful and flawed in their own way.

What I didn’t love: Curtis – duh, he’s the villain in the story.

What I learned: It's okay to be imperfect; it's what makes us human.

Overall Grade: A-

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