The Lives Between Us

Publication Date 7/1/2015

I received a digital ARC from in exchange for my honest review of The Lives Between Us.

I expected a long drawn,boring medical story, but instead was rewarded with an insightful drama regarding Embryonic Stem Cells with a dash of romance – nicely done Ms. Rizzo! It definitely had some key plot twists and characters aren’t always what they seem.

What I loved: The story was really all about family and what people would do to keep them safe, happy and healthy. It tugged at the heartstrings without being overly emotional and it provoked a lot of thought.

What I didn’t love: The main character, Skylar, isn’t really likable for about 75% of the novel. She seems immature, stunted in her emotions, and tends to act on things without giving thought to the consequences. While she does grow as a person throughout the story, I didn’t find myself caring towards the end.

What I learned: I knew absolutely nothing about stem cells and their research and this book not only taught me about the subject, but also enlightened me about the moral/ethical/religious debates that wages over research and Embryonic Stem Cells.

Overall Grade: B+

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