For Your Love

Sixth in the Blessings series, Beverly Jenkins takes us back into the everyday lives of the residents of fictional Henry Adams, KS. There is a host of new faces along with old favorites as well as the answers to everyday’s life questions in this quick read. Once again, my passion for fluff, smut and murder is quelled by this Christian novel.

What I love: All of the characters tell it like it is in Henry Adams, but with love. I’d love to have a wise, old granny like Tamar in my corner, even if she is saying the things I really don’t want to hear.

What I didn’t love: Sometimes, the story feels like a sitcom where life’s problems are answered at the end of the book, but there’s always something new brewing on the horizon.

What I learned: I’ve got to get me some swag.

Overall Grade: B+

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