The Sisters Club

Four women, 4 different walks of life, becoming friends. Been there, read that many, many times. This novel had the premise of bonding over a shared general love of books; but books, with the exception of the college professor trying to write her own, are hardly ever mentioned. Yes, there is personal growth and a touching story of friendship and it’s a quick read, but not much more.

What I loved: Each chapter begins with a the 4 books each main character is reading and I found myself saying, “Read that, read that one,ooh – that sounds good.”

What I didn’t love: With a name like, The Sister’s Club, I expected them all to either have better relationships with their actual sisters or have their foursome be more like sisters. The intent was there, but not the delivery. I felt that way about quite a bit about different parts of the story – it wasn’t living up to the expectation I was hoping for based on the book description.

What I learned: Got some more book titles and authors to read – that’s always a bonus in my book, but not much more.

Overall Grade: B-

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