Killing Monica

Thank you to and Grand Central Publishing for an ARC digital copy in exchange for an honest review of this novel.

I’ve been waiting for the latest Candace Bushnell book for what seems like forever. I have eagerly torn into all of her past books (except The Carrie Diaries – too YA for me) and Killing Monica was no exception. But, now that the book is finished, it’s like I’ve eaten too much of the cotton candy that is mentioned numerous time within the book – too sweet and no substance. Is this book bordering on the autobiographical? Does Candace hate Carrie? I had to re-read the last few chapters to make sure I was understanding everything as it seemed rather jumbled and unbelievable.

What I loved: Overall, I liked the story, but nothing really stood out as something I really liked/loved about any of the characters, specific moments, etc.

What I didn’t love: Where do I begin? Neither PJ or SondraBeth is really likable throughout most of the story so its hard to root for one or the other to be happy. A little more info on the sister would have been nice – the why perhaps?

What I learned: That I still don’t understand women’s friendships and how we can treat each other especially over a man.

Overall Grade: B-

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