Wouldn't Change A Thing

I received an ARC copy of this book from Zane Publishing and NetGallery.com in exchange for my honest review.

I love life in the South. I’ll read almost any book that is based in the South because I know I will be reading about family, food, and tradition. Wouldn’t Change A Thing by Stacy Campbell is all of those things mixed in with a little bit of crazy in the form of Toni’s mother. She’s not just quirky or southern eccentric, but suffers from mental illness which is the basis for the novel. It was an eye opening story to the pressure and heartache a family goes through when one of their own struggles with mental illness.

What I love: The central theme of family is very strong throughout the novel and it is important because a disease like this doesn’t just affect the diagnosed person, but everyone within the family. T was beautiful to see the entire clan come together for Toni and Greta.

What I didn’t love: Twenty plus years of being separated with no contact and there aren’t heated arguments or resentment by anyone? Everyone is so quick to forgive and fall into each other’s arms – maybe I’m just cynical, but I was disappointed by the lack of conflict and realism about the situation. Perhaps this will come out later in a sequel…

What I learned: Like I’ve said before – family is the most important thing, no matter how long its been.

Overall Grade: B

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