The Knockoff

FASHION FLUFF!!! He Knockoff is the best beach read for 2015 – I could not put it down! Yes, it’s a little The Devil Wears Prada meets “Mean Girls” mixed in with 1000 different social media apps I didn’t think existed, but it was light, fun, and fluffy with just the perfect mix of back-stabbing drama and name dropping.

What I loved: I completely related to Imogen, the heroine. As someone beginning to celebrate the silver anniversaries in life, I do not understand Millenials and their phone/tech addictions so I completely understood Imogen’s reluctance to embrace a purely digital way of life.

What I didn’t love: It ended! I wish it could have gone on and on for another few hundred pages and there really isn’t a set up for a sequel, so I’m a little bummed that this may be a stand alone book. Also – I would have loved to see Imogen be a little more nasty with her final revenge against Eve, but they would go against her classy nature.

What I learned: “The times – they are a-changing” – Bob Dylan

Overall Grade: A+

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