The Summer of Good Intentions

I received an ARC digital copy of this book through in exchange for my fair and honest review.

The Summer of Good Intentions starts out as a typical family summer vacation novel with stereotypical characters (the perfectionist firstborn, the dissatisfied middle sibling, the not sure of her place in the world youngest), but quickly progresses into a touching family drama. The problems this family faces during a month long vacation in Cape Cod are not just the standard fare found in women’s fiction and it made for an entertaining read.

What I loved: Jess is probably the most realistic and easiest to relate to character in the novel.

What I didn’t love: Tim seemed like a blob during the entire novel – you don’t dislike him, but he never really does anything to make you like him. I also would have liked to see Maggie connect more with her children and husband during the novel. She wants something (no spoilers here) but you never see her really speak to her husband or children as to why she wants what she does.

Overall Grade: B+

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