Ming Tea Murder

Sixteenth in the Tea Shop Mysteries series, Ming Tea Murder almost holds its own in the series. All of the favorite characters shine brightly in this murder mystery , but it just needs something a little more. The writing is terrific and very descriptive of life in Charleston, SC, but Theodosia just needs something in her life – a truly exciting romantic interest who is as vibrant and likable as she is.

What I loved: Haley is just a fireball of a character and I love the culinary creations she concocts in the Indigo Tea Shoppe kitchen. Having the recipes at the end of each novel is an added bonus as well.

What I didn’t love: Max – Theodosia’s current love interest. He’s bland, whiny, and is not good enough for Theo. She’s solved 16 murders – she needs someone incredible!

Overall Grade: B

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