Scandalous Lies

I received an ARC digital copy of this book through in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Nigel May has written another smut-tastic masterpiece! Scandalous Lies is a page turner with more twists and turns than a roller coaster. I swear – he is the perfect merge of Jackie Collins and E.L. James and one of my new favorite authors! Ritzy locations, glamourous people and deceit all come into play in this novel and the result makes it a terrific beach read.

What I Loved: Nova – she is such a character! Part blow up doll, part Momanger a la Kris Jenner – she is well written and hysterical. Her over the top personality makes the novel.

What I Didn’t Love: Arrrggghh! The men in this novel, except for a chosen few, are such wankers! Seriously, they all are creepy, spineless jerks – but they only make the women look that much stronger.

What I Learned: Hollywood is a creepy, scary place. (Okay, so I already knew that by growing up in LA but I sure wasn't going to write about what I learned about sausages!)

Overall Grade: A-

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