The Art of Baking Blind

Part Betty Crocker and part MasterChef, this novel was a delight to read. Even though I had to keep searching for images of the featured desserts to be able to understand what each person was making, seeing the final product only made the descriptions come alive even more. Time and time again, I would smell the gingerbread, sugar, warm bread and other treats rising from the page and be instantly transported to the kitchen.

What I loved: Vicky, Jenny and Claire were such well rounded characters each battling the age old issue women face once they become mothers – putting their child’s needs over their own. No matter the age of the child (grown, toddler or a pre-teen) each woman has to come to terms with finding the balance between her needs and her child’s.

What I didn’t love: NO RECIPIES?????? 400 pages of the most delectable treats and not a single recipe. Seriously though, I wish the character of Mike would have been more developed – he was more of an afterthought instead of someone in the cooking competition. I would have loved to have gotten to know him outside of the weekend bake-offs.

What I learned: So much more about English desserts – I wish I had more of a sweet palate so I could sample Battenberg cake, lardy cake, or a magical moment biscuit.

Overall Grade: A-

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