A Measure of Happiness

I received an ARC digital copy of this book through NetGallery.com in exchange for my fair and honest review.

What a beautifully written tale about new love, old love, found love, and learning to love yourself! Based in a bakery in Maine, the story about Katherine, her ex husband Barry, and employees Celeste and Zach has its high, lows, drama and romance but comes together and makes a charming read.

What I loved: Celeste – sometimes I wanted to shake her for being so stupid in her actions, but her journey is so important and necessary to the tale that you understand why she does the things the way she does and that she needs to right the wrongs in her life.

What I didn’t love: If the tarot cards are so important to Katherine, why are they only featured in just one scene?

What I learned: Everything can change if you have an amazing blueberry muffin.

Overall Grade: B+

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