I Take You

I heard great things about this book so I was eagerly awaiting my copy from the local library. I sat down to begin my journey with Lily and Will as they get married in the Florida Keys and had to give up less than 100 pages into the book. I gave up because I realized I just didn’t care to hear her tale anymore because I didn’t give two cents about her.

What I loved: In the few chapters I read, I loved every single other character EXCEPT Lily. They had spunk, witty comebacks, morals and were not rolling around the entire novel drunk.

What I didn't love: Lily – the main character. At first I was going to say that if she was a man, she would be the ultimate douchebag, but because her behavior is so outrageous and appalling, she is the ultimate douche. Drinking heavily 24/7 – check. Cheating on your fianceé – check. Being extremely rude and snarky to everyone she encounters – check.

What I learned: I am so over books starring people in their 20s.

Overall Grade: D

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