The Status of All Things

What would I wish for if I had the option of changing my life with a Facebook status update? Since the typical beauty queen answers of world peace and making the world a better place aren’t options, I think I would wish for perfect hair for life; probably perfect skin as well. Shallow and petty? Definitely, but I don’t see the point in going to back to one specific point in my life to try and fix or prevent something – then some strange butterfly effect would take place and I wouldn’t have the people that I currently have in my life. That being said, Kate tries to make things “right” in this time traveling chick lit book, and finally understands there’s no going back.

What I Loved and Didn’t Love: KATE! You want to hug her, comfort her, laugh with her and then throttle her as she goes through her pre-wedding life for the second time. At times she is the most wonderful character and then a few pages later I’m tempted to crawl into the book and slap her upside the head for being so clueless.

What I learned: In the immortal words of Oingo Boingo, “You can’t change fate, so don’t feel so bad. Enjoy it while you can, it’s just like the weather….”

Overall Grade: B+

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