No Place to Hide

Publication Date: 7/28/15

I received an ARC digital copy of this book through in exchange for my fair and honest review.

The premise of this story was terrific, but the reality did not match the promise. If you’re on the run from some deep dark secret and trying to start over, why move to a really small town and make friends with the town realtor and newspaper editor? There is no consistency throughout the book – Justine is not supposed to be in contact with Matt, but they talk practically every day; someone keeps threatening to expose her dark secret, yet nothing ever becomes of the threats. Is this supposed to be a suspenseful story or a romance?

What I loved: Nothing, but I did like the dog Daisy…

What I didn’t love: The story started off so slowly but then picked up as the backstory progressed, then it shifted to the a cottage and these really expensive paintings – why?

What I learned: Don't move to a small town if you don't want people talking about you.

Overall Grade: C-

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