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The mother & daughter sleuthing team from Iowa is back in the 9th tale (11th if you count the e-books) which not only has a murder but also explains what the rich, young, beautiful people of Serenity, IA do in the free time. Brandy & Vivian are as funny as ever but Vivian's hi-jinks in this tale aren't as crazy as they usually are - she must have started to feel her age. There are nice visits from quite a few re-occurring characters (Tina, Kevin, Joe and Jake) but the plot focuses more on Brandy's old community college boyfriend, his wife, and their friends. Quick (at only 232 pages!) and easy to read, this latest edition holds true to the characters and is a welcome chapter in the series.

What I loved: Vivian is up to her old tricks as she takes over a few chapters in the novel to provide some background sleuthing as Brandy is the main narrator. She is so completely over the top - how could you not adore her?

What I didn't love: It was almost too quick of a read! Another red herring would have been a nice addition and maybe stretched out the story for another 50 pages or so..

What I learned: I'm glad I don't play bridge.

Overall Grade: B

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