The First Wife

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Finding love on a vacation and a quickie marriage never has a good ending, right? Especially for Bailey who’s brand new hubby is being accused of being a serial killer. He seems just like the type of man to bring him to Momma! Seriously – great plot twists, characters and supporting cast. I didn’t want to put it down.

What I loved: You don’t know who is the real killer until the very last chapter – which is always a treat when reading suspense.

What I didn’t love: I hated how I was screaming in my head at Bailey as to how stupid she could be for marrying a man she knew for 3 weeks. It made me dislike her immensely for about 60% of the story.

What I learned: I’d like to think I’d never get myself in that kind of situation to have to learn anything…

Overall Grade: B+

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