Goddess of Suburbia

Publication Date: 8/25/2015

Thank you to NetGallery.com and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

I was so excited to begin this book – to me it sounded like an original premise (homemade porn & paparazzi) with a divorce crisis/motherhood/maybe find love subplot (Fluff at its finest!). Wrong! This book is pretending to be all that while really being a maybe my old college boyfriend is really my soul mate romance. Yuck. I admit, I am cynical & jaded (and still happened to be married to my college sweetheart), but if you have new-found fame (no matter how unwanted) and someone from your past shows up unexpectedly and is trying to start a romance with you even though your marriage ended less than a month before – that person has an agenda.

What I loved: I did like Max’s spunk throughout the whole book even when her world was falling apart – and the comment about the ass-less chaps.

What I didn’t love: Where do I begin? How about the unrealistic portion of the whole paparazzi plot? We’ve all read the magazines even if we never cop to buying them. Last time I checked, it usually takes 2 (or more) to make a sex tape – why was Max the only one having to deal with this situation? Why wasn’t the ex Nick feeling the pressure of the tabloids as well? And wouldn’t one of the tabloid writers have done any research and see how he is now with the woman who leaked Max’s video to the porn site and tweeted all of the info to begin Max’s ascent into all that is trending? Even if the tabloid reporter had no morals, at least doing the research on the story would show a need to be promoted off of the random twitter beat and on to stalking some other C-list celebrity. I also didn’t like how much of an ASS Nick was – when will women realize that great sex with a person is worthless in a marriage if they treat you like crap.

What I learned: NEVER put anything on video, duh!

Overall Grade: C

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