A Catered Mother's Day

Publication Date: Out Now

Libby and Bernie are back for another mystery situated in Longley, NY and the book is an okay, quick read. I was looking for so much more from the novel since it is the 11th in a series, but the favorite secondary characters (Marvin, Brandon, and Clyde) hardly make any appearance in this novel. Some of my favorite past passages are when Marvin drives Sean around town trying to help the sisters get information and I really missed their storyline. One scene with a pig was just not enough!

What I loved: I really liked how their father, Sean, has gotten more involved with the solving of their crimes. His experience provides wisdom and logic that sometimes the ladies lack.

What I didn’t love: Ellen is a whiner and such a Debbie Downer character that I’m still shocked that the ladies didn’t try and off her themselves.

What I learned: Kids are way better at electronics than I will ever be.

Overall Grade: B

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