China Rich Girlfriend

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MULTI-CULTURAL ASIAN MUT!!! Notice how I didn’t say smut? How could I when there is not one sex scene in the entire book. Seriously, this sequel to Crazy Rich Asians is even more over the top with the wealth, clothes, characters, and obscene spending – and it all makes for a terrific read.

What I loved: Kevin Kwan gives a shout out to my childhood neighborhood of Mar Vista (Westside!)in one of the many plots in the novel and I’m tickled pink. Also love that it has footnotes – I’m a sucker for books with sarcastic footnotes.

What I didn’t love: A family tree (like in CRA) would have been extremely helpful since I forgot who was who’s cousin and how practically everyone in the book is related to another.

What I learned: Did you know you can put a koi pond on a private plane?

Overall Grade: A

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