Summer Secrets

When I first started this novel, I thought it was going to be a tale of some hitting rock bottom and their path to recovery through sobriety. Well,it is; but it really isn’t. It’s more of a tale after Cat gets sober with brief flashbacks into life when she was drinking, but very little about how she got through it all to sobriety. Even though it’s the main premise of the story, it all seems vague. Everything in this backstory (the mother Audrey, Jason, work) is just as vague. Perhaps she doesn’t remember so much of it because she was drunk?

What I loved: Nothing really stood out in the whole book as something I loved in the story. It’s a quick beach read from a respected author, but not her best work.

What I didn’t love: Seriously, Nantucket? This must be at least the fourth book I’ve read this summer based on this island and I have at least 2 more Nantucket based books to tackle before the end of summer. Is there no where else to vacation?

What I learned: As much as I would love to put some sort of snarky comment which sums up the novel (like Don’t drink to excess!) I think I really learned that this author shouldn’t pop out 2 books within 6 months of each other – next time take a little longer and write a better story.

Overall Grade: B-

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