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What do you know – yet another book about Nantucket in the summer! So many people have already said that this is not Ms. Hilderbrand’s best book as it was written as she was battling breast cancer but I disagree. I think her 15th Nantucket book is one of her best. It was light, fluffy, and mindless - exactly what I look for in a summer beach read. I really liked how the point of view changed from various characters in the book within the chapters and how the island of Nantucket even got its own voice.

What I loved: Authors with Nantucket based books use the real places on Nantucket – not only things like the beaches, historical places, and activities – but also the restaurants and bars. It gives such a realistic feel to the book.

What I didn’t love: I would have liked to hear some of the story from Allegra’s point of view – she’s such a factor in some of the story lines but we never know what she’s thinking.

What I learned: I don’t have the market cornered on a teenager and their problems.

Overall Grade: A-

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