House Trained

Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

Having to deal with a surprise adult daughter in your childless-by-choice marriage is one thing, but becoming a step-grandma around the age of 40 is an entirely new experience. Alex, the quintessential hostess, has her life completely turned upside down, but it makes for a great read. I’d love to see these characters grow as a family in a sequel.

What I loved: Alex’s journey from a hater of all things under the age of 10 to being welcoming of new family members in her life was a touching one.

What I didn’t love: I would have liked to see more of Alex’s working past (particularly maybe some past scenes with Beverly to drive home why being out on her own and making her business work means so much).

What I learned: People should try to be more like dogs – excellent judges of character (for the most part) and usually accepting and loving towards all.

Overall Grade: B+

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