Things You Won't Say

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Every book written by this author has featured strong characters undergoing difficult situations, and TYWS is no different. Spouses of police officers face a tough battle every time their loved on heads out on duty and this book shows just how difficult their lives can be when facing a horrible situation.

What I loved: Lou is such a welcome distraction in the novel. She’s a quirky character that may even have a touch of Asperger’s Syndrome, but the love she feels for the elephants, other animals, and her family are so pure that you cannot help but like her.

What I didn’t love: When facing their tough situation, Jamie focused on the big picture, the long run and her children’s well-being and happiness, but Mike was just concerned with the moment, the day to day, and being right. It was frustrating and difficult to read those passages as I just wanted to hit Mike upside the head.

What I learned: I now know how an elephant gives birth. It’s a strange part of the story, but so integral!

Overall Grade: B+

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