Those Secrets We Keep

Three women, three weeks and a beautiful home on a lake. Sounds like the ideal vacation, right? Throw in some deceit, some lies, and an ex-boyfriend and then you’ll have Those Secrets We Keep. It’s not the feel good, female bonding, friendship building book you think it is and it’s best thrown back into Lake George.

What I loved: Aunt Annabel is a terrific character, but is only present within 2 scenes in the novel, so her love of life, wisdom, and sense of adventure are wasted. It would have been a better tale if Sloan and Annabel were just away on vacation.

What I didn’t love: None of these women are very likable, although they are very realistic. Georgina is the absolute worst of the three; but I will say, at least she owns who she is. Hilary is wound so darn tight that she may pop a button off of one of her preppy plaid polo shirts – my goodness – separate who you are as a person from what you do for a living and actually experience an emotion. Sloan – it’s never a good idea to make a u-turn on the road of life.

Overall Grade: C+

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