The Best of Enemies

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SNARKY FLUFF!!!! This is when your two best friends absolutely hate each other – haven’t we all gone through something like this? It’s funny that the two characters could be so different, yet so complimentary. What I wouldn’t have given to have Kitty’s poise and confidence just out of high school and for the beginning of college. I welcomed Jack and Sars’ awkwardness during their freshman year in college – it’s kind of reminiscent of my own life.

What I loved: The prologue of invitations and letters – there is so much untold backstory hidden in just those few pages that could have made a whole other book (or at least added 50 pages to this one!). I’ve followed Jen Lancaster for many years through her blog, books, and in-person meet & greets so I feel like Kitty is all of the best qualities of Jen Lancaster while Jack is all Fletch, her husband, in female form which makes for some hysterical scenes.

What I didn’t love: Nothing! I’ve said before that Jen Lancaster’s Thundercats could all walk across her keyboard for 350 pages and, not only would I understand their gobbily-gook, but that I would love it. I’ve always loved her non-fiction novels and this is one of her best fiction tales yet.

What I learned: I learned a ton of new things to call people who annoy me. I’m predicting “cum-muppet” will soon be taking over my vocab if not the world.

Overall Grade: A+

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