The Cake Therapist

What a brilliant debut novel from an acclaimed cookbook author! Clare O’Neil is a complex character who seems to impact the lives of the people she meets not only with her incredibly baked goods, but also by providing impact by giving them exactly what they need. So much of each’s character’s history comes out just a little at a time that it leaves you hungry for more.

What I loved: I loved how the story went back into time into the Depression area to provide insight and history into some secondary characters and how it all made sense in the end. If you look past the Reader’s Guide at the end, you’ll also find the beginnings of a second book with Clare. This could be a potential great series as its obvious that Clare’s story will be told in bits and pieces.

What I didn’t love: Hello – no recipes???!!!???

What I learned: I really wish I had 1 ounce of creativity when it came to food and flavors…

Overall Grade: B+

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