Christmas Chocolat

Available 9/29/2015

Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

With Christmas just less than 4 months away (ack!!!), it seems like the perfect time to read a family Christmas book. What I thought would be a story about a shattered family reuniting for the holidays to work out past differences was that, but not until the last chapter and then all I thought was how much of a control freak and jerk the Dad was.

What I loved: Recipes followed each Chapter that was about Magali – and they look fantastic! The three sisters had a pretty strong bond, despite being scattered across the world and it was nice to see that they respected and embraced their individual characteristics.

What I didn’t love: So many little things added up to grow into me not liking the ending. Magali – you live in the same town where your mother was buried – Shame on you for never going to visit her final resting place. Shame on the father character for being such an ass to his children after their mother passed away – for you to keep the reason for their death to yourself as well as keep all of her things hidden away and not shared with your children is so selfish. To be a parent is to face the pain during death and help your children through it, regardless of their age.

What I learned: Every family is a dysfunctional one but this one seems to have a lock on ruining Christmas.

Overall Grade: B-

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