The Someday Jar

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When I picked up the book off of the store counter, I was intrigued by the cover. I glanced at a page or two and saw “maroon ASU cap” and I was sold. Its predictable, but there is a charming spin on all of the mis-adventures Laine gets into on her jouney to emptying her Someday Jar which makes it light, fluffy and a quintessential chick-lit book.

What I loved: She mentioned my 2nd favorite college bar (The Vine – karaoke on Thursday nights, anyone?) within the first chapter and has her heroine as an Arizona State alum. What’s not to love?

What I didn’t love: Evan’s a weenie. You can tell in the first chapter and its frustrating that it take Laine so long to see it for herself. Oh, and it made me cry. I hate it when a book does that.

What I learned: Everyone needs a Someday Jar filled with at least one goal..

Overall Grade: B+

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