How To Be A Grown-Up

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I haven’t really liked one of their books since The Nanny Diaries, but I was willing to give this latest addition a fair chance. Since the heroine of this novel was closer to my age with kids, I thought I would be able to relate.

What I loved: Rory’s two best friends are great characters – Claire and Jessica who provide the wisdom and helping hands when Rory hits some rough patches. I also really liked how evil and stupid the two tech geniuses (Taylor and Kimmie) were. If real millennials are anything like those two, I’ll gladly stay in my dinosaur job.

What I didn’t love: The whole older woman in a young tech based workplace was eerily similar to the main plot of another book that debuted this summer, The Knockoff. It almost seems like the “in thing to do for novels – place an older worker who used paper, email, and the telephone in a situation where everything is app based and watch them struggle.

What I learned: I will never let my daughter date an actor.

Overall Grade: B

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