Red Carpets & White Lies

I adore celebrity authors. I’ve read the good (Katie Lee, Betheny Frankel, Allison Sweeney) and the bad (Tinsley Mortimer, Joan Collins and a few others). I don’t really care if the star is doing the actual writing or if they’ve paid handsomely for a terrific ghostwriter – a good story is all that matters to me. I also love my Housewives – except I never got into the Miami series so I only had a vague idea of what this tale was supposed to be a fictionalizing.

What I loved: The way Ms. Black wrote the epilogue (always a must in books with a climatic ending with a large cast of characters) was original and offbeat. I’m not going to spoil it but I must give props for the ingenuity.

What I didn’t love: It is really slow in the beginning. Really slow. It only picks up in the last third but it’s page turner once the &*( finally hits the fan . The accent for Dixie Johnson was so strong that I almost had to read her dialogue outloud to understand what she was trying to say. Maybe the audiobook would have been a better choice.

What I learned: I don’t think I missed much by missing the RHO Miami…

Overall Grade: C+

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