Murder of an Open Book

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Married, expecting a child, and still solving murders – this is Skye Dennison-Boyd’s new life in the 18th edition of the Scumble River murder series. Love the re-occurring characters and family drama that comes with every book.

What I loved: A knocked up Skye seems to be a frisky Skye so there are definitely more amourous scenes than in past novels. I’m thinking that now that Skye and Wally are legal, their pesky ghost doesn’t bother them in the bedroom anymore. I would love to see her come back – just to throw them off.

What I didn’t love: I keep forgetting that this series is set in the early/mid 2000’s so things like “Open Book” (a mash-up of My Space and Facebook) and older phones with no keyboards/videos/mandatory internet service throw me off.

What I learned: Who knew cornhole was popular back then? I’ve only recently seen it in the past 6 years ago but then again. I spend most of my time with my nose in a book.

Overall Grade: B+

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