Pretty Baby

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Run, don’t walk to get your hands on a copy of this book. Terrific writing from the same author who wrote The Good Girl, which I fell in love with earlier this year. It was a total page turner and I was able to devour it in just a few hours.

What I loved: I love a tale that weaves back and forth from the present to the future to the past with every chapter. Mary Kubica does a terrific job in developing all of her characters and it makes for a terrific read.

What I didn’t love: I would have liked the ending that had a final chapter from every character, not just one. I would have also liked to have a chapter or two from Zoe’s perspective to round out the story.

What I learned: That a snail has 250,000 teeth. Where? Is that the crunch you hear when you step on them?

Overall Grade: A

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