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With only 2 books left to go in the alphabet, I can only hope that Sue Grafton moves on to numbers so I don’t have to say goodbye to Kinsey Millhone. Even though it takes me a while to get into each book since I’m trying to remember what happened in the prior edition, I still thoroughly enjoy each case.

What I loved: Henry is such a doll – I want to adopt him. I wish there was more action for Rosie who is full of spitfire but her appearances made me smile.

What I didn’t love: One plot line is always resolved and there’s always something to hang over to the next novel. Now I’m worried that she’s not going to be able to wrap up this hanging plot line in 2 books. (But then I’ll get my wish of a never-ending series!)

Technology is both a good and bad thing in our lives. When I read about Kinsey tracking this thing down this way, no computers, and using yearbooks I’m just wishing she could Google it.

Overall Grade: A-

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