Day Four

Note – If you’re planning a cruise vacation at any time in the future, stay away from the book. Just put it down now and walk away. It’s a terrific, suspenseful read but you will never want to step foot on a cruise ship (even the Disney line!) again. Trust me.

What I loved: I really liked how all of the character’s paths intersected and were all important to the plot. The suspense is built up so you know all heck will break loose at some point but you don’t see what is happening among the crowd.

What I didn’t love: Can someone who’s read this novel reach out to me and explain the ending? I am so confused and I must have read the last 50 pages or so 2 times to try and make sense of it all. Oh – and some explanation about why Gary is the way he is would be good…

What I learned: I had really never thought about all of the inner-workings of a cruise ship and how gross it can really be.

Overall Grade: B+

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