Silver Linings

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Reading a Debbie Macomber series book is like curling up on the couch with some comfort food and watching a cheesy Hallmark romance movie: no sex, no big drama, no nasty words and always a happy ending (at least for the subplot characters – the main character’s stories move on to the next installment). Her books are not earth-shattering volumes that will stay with you for weeks – they’re just good, clean reads for pure enjoyment.

What I loved: I like how Ms. Macomber has 2 series set in the same town but the characters from each series only overlap a little bit.

What I didn’t love: Happy endings for everyone!! Can someone, outside of the main character, not have all their wildest romantic dreams fulfilled? Perhaps Jo Marie needs to advertise her B&B as the healer of broken marriages and the finder of lost loves.

What I learned: Sometimes you just need some romantic fluff.

Overall Grade: B

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