Criminal That I Am

I thought the author had more of a personal relationship with Cameron Douglas outside of being his lawyer, which would mean some juicy details, intense emotions between the two, how to cope with a jailhouse love, etc. WRONG. Basically, she gets used by a user and whines about it for three quarters of the book. Face it – you screwed up. A lot of people do. A lot of people have to completely change professions due to a scandal, a mistake, something – but they move on.

What I loved: She’s very likable in the beginning but she just goes on and on and on about her crime and how her life was ruined that it starts to get old. Enough. We’ve all committed a crime (or 2) and done things we know we shouldn’t have done. We’re all human.

What I didn’t love: The entire trip to Iraq – boring and I admit I skimmed it very lightly because it was boring.

What I learned: Defense lawyers really shouldn’t get attached to their cases.

Overall Grade: C-

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