Pretty Girls

My first Karin Slaughter book….Wow. Intense, creepy, disgusting, suspense-filled – I can’t even describe it. There were times I had to put the book down and walk away for a little while because of the images that were filling my head – and then I hurried back to it so I could find out how it ends.

What I loved: Such an original plot – I can’t go into it for fear of giving something away but let’s just say I still have a little motion sickness from all of the twists and turns..

What I didn’t love: I admit I glossed over a lot of the letters from the father to his missing daughter. It was hard for me to feel for the missing girl since there were no flashbacks in the novel to give a sense of her persona and turn her into a real person.

What I learned: There are some really, really, really sick people out there.. and I cannot wait to read another one of her books!

Overall Grade: A-

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