Dirty Rush

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I laughed through this entire book. Yes, it’s a fictional farce and there may be a chapter at a school where people can be this evil/nasty/promiscuous but if you read it with the grain of salt that its meant to be read with, hopefully you’ll just sit back and snicker.

What I loved: Rebecca Martinson puts together swear words and phrases like a genius. I have never laughed so hard and understood her frustrations at the same time. That email was as good as the USC one regarding rush standards. Sorority rush….good times.

What I didn’t love: With a soon to be college daughter of my own, the amount of drinking and Adderall use within the book scared me to the point that the community college a mile down the road is looking really good for her future…

What I learned: This was JUST like my sorority experience – minus the videos, texting, hazing, drinking, drugs & anal beads. Every day I’m so thankful I went to college before the internet.

Overall Grade: B+

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