Cold Feet

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Cold feet? More like cold heart. The main character, Emma, is so emotionally damaged from her upbringing that her insecurities spill over into her everyday life and relationship with her fiancée. It was cute but nothing too memorable.

What I loved: Emma has a fantastic relationship with her best friend Liv – she allows herself to open up with Liv and the reader finally gets a sense of how terrific Emma can be because she is the complete opposite when with her fiancée.

What I didn’t love: Too much lawyer talk – if it takes more than a paragraph or two to explain the legal concept, please severly edit or remove. I’m reading chick-lit, not a legal textbook. I also wasn’t so keen on the ending – its not what I’d think I’d do and it seemed like it almost came out of nowhere.

What I learned: A lot of legal explanations I didn’t need.

Overall Grade: B-

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